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Which Wolf Are You in the Pack?

Take the quiz to find out. Then, share your results!

What's your favorite place on campus?

What's your favorite color?

What do you like most about yourself?

If you were marooned on an island and could only bring one thing with you, what would it be?

You're up way too late the night before a morning class. What happened?

What NC State tradition are you most pumped for?

Pick a chair on campus.

Which of these is most important to you?

What's your dream job?

Which Wolf Are You in the Pack?
Artsy Wolf

You’re an Artsy Wolf! You’ve got your own uniquely creative way of seeing the world, and you’re always thinking outside the box. You’re most likely to be found on East Campus with the design students or chilling in a fancy chair thinking of your next big idea.
Sporty Wolf

You’re a Sporty Wolf! You’re always on your grind, and you might have a bit of a competitive streak. You can’t wait for the next game, and being active is your favorite thing. You’re most likely to be found in Carmichael Gym or out in nature getting fit.
Foodie Wolf

You’re a Foodie Wolf! You excel at not only tasting, displaying and making food, but also at sharing your love of it with others. You’re most likely to be found eating Howling Cow at Talley or off exploring Raleigh’s restaurant scene.
Studious Wolf

You’re a Studious Wolf! You’ve always got your nose in a book. Learning and bettering yourself are key parts of your motto. You’re most likely to be found in D.H. Hill or Hunt Library or off thinking and doing.
Ambitious Wolf

You’re an Ambitious Wolf! You like to get things done and are always working toward a goal. Once you set your eyes on a prize, you’re unstoppable. You’re most likely to be spotted giving a lecture or attending one of the many job fairs on campus.
Spirited Wolf

You’re a Spirited Wolf! Every part of campus life is exciting to you. Cheering on the Wolfpack is what you do best — whether it’s by supporting campus associations or heading out to the game, you’re up to party! You’re most likely to be found at Carter-Finley Stadium or in Talley manning a club booth.

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