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How Donors Help Us Think and Do

Test your knowledge of the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign and learn more about how donors make a difference.

How many donors have supported the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign?

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Approximately 88,000 donors in 65 countries have made gifts to the Campaign.

Donors in how many states have supported the Campaign?

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Donors in all 50 states and all 100 counties in North Carolina have supported extraordinary opportunity, experience, leadership, purpose and places through Campaign gifts.

What was the first named college at NC State?

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Poole College of Management became the first named college at NC State in 2010, with a gift from Lonnie and Carol Poole. In 2018, support from Fred Wilson Sr. and family made Wilson College of Textiles the second named college.

Which of the following campus enhancements is made possible through donor support?

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Donor support makes NC State an extraordinary place to Think and Do.

Private support benefits which of the following?

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Whether you’re playing a sport, acting onstage, studying cells or traveling abroad, you can find your place in the Pack, thanks to our donors.

Donors can support which of the following efforts that help ensure students’ basic needs are being met?

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Pack Essentials helps provide resources and support for students who are facing food and housing insecurity or personal emergencies. With donor support, students don’t have to choose between their academic career and meeting their basic needs.

Donors create dedicated funds to support the areas of interest that mean the most to them. Nearly how many new funds have been established during the Think and Do the Extraordinary Campaign?

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Nearly 2,000 new funds – which support scholarships, faculty, research programs, activities like sports, experiential learning opportunities and study abroad – have been created by donors since the Campaign’s launch. Gifts to new and existing funds benefit every college and unit across campus.

An alum from which college has established a faculty chair in gerontology during the program, launching a program that is the first of its kind in the United States?

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With 83 newly created endowed faculty positions during the Campaign, so many of our colleges are benefiting from greater faculty support. The Dr. Kady M. Gjessing and Rahna M. Davidson Distinguished Chair in Gerontology at the College of Veterinary Medicine, held by Natasha Olby, is was established by Kady Gjessing in 2017 and is the largest endowed chair in NC State history.

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